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Tango FTP Testimonials


Here are some comments from our customers. Please drop us a line and let us know what you thought of Tango FTP at testimonials@tangoftp.com.


"...definately my default [FTP Client] for the past couple of months and will maintain its status - many thanks for this cracking product!"

Gary S Wicks (Wicksie) - IWDP Indipendant Web Designers Portal



"Upon opening up the program you see a very well constructed interface.  It's visually comfortable as well as easy to use.   I have nothing but good things to say about this FTP client...

This tops all the FTP clients that I have used so far.  (FTP Commander, Directory Opus, Transmit, Titan, Robo... the list goes on).  Good job on the software"

Jason Leverton - Technical Support Team, Spymac Network, Inc.



"Tango FTP is attractive not only thanks to its beautiful UI, but also because it retains adequate levels of consistency with existing classic Windows UIs while simplifying the whole process of FTP management, lowering the bar for entry level FTP users.

Take a look for yourself and see if you agree."

Michael Weinhardt, co-author of the forthcoming Windows Forms Programming in C# for .NET 2005.



Tango FTP is the best FTP client I have ever used, hands down. It’s extraordinarily simple to use and I love the browser style navigation. It made sense immediately. The accounts and favorites management save me time, allowing me to jump back and forth between different views without missing a beat.

I always wondered why FTP clients had to be such a pain to use. Tango FTP has solved that problem once and for all. It’s easy, it’s powerful and it looks great. It almost makes FTP fun… almost!

Mandy Hampton - Senior Vice President, Sharp & Associates



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