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About Microsoft .NET


Tango FTP was written from the ground up in the latest and most modern computer language, C# (pronounced "C sharp"), utilizing Microsoft's .NET framework.

The .NET Framework is Microsoft's brand new, revolutionary software programming architecture designed to create the latest cutting edge computer applications. Programs using the .NET Framework are faster, more efficient and more reliable than ever before.

In order for you to run next generation applications like Tango FTP that utilize this new technology, you need to update your operating system with the Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1 available free from Microsoft.

Download Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1

Download Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1

Check to see if Microsoft .NET Framework is already installed

You can check to see if you already have the .NET Framework 1.1 installed by clicking Start on your Windows desktop, selecting Control Panel, and then double-clicking the Add or Remove Programs icon.

When that window appears, scroll through the list of applications. If you see Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 listed, the latest version is already installed and you do not need to install it again.

Chick here to see a screenshot of the "Add or Remove Programs" window showing Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 listed



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